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Resources can be divided into past papers and practical tests, which are useful information to help candidates to learn and practice for the subjects they chose.

Past Papers

A past paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years, usually used either for exam practice or for tests such as University of Oxford College Collections.

Exam candidates find past papers valuable in test preparation. Some organizations responsible for holding exams have made past exam papers commercially available by either publishing the papers by themselves or licensing a publisher to do the same. For example, SAT papers in U.S. and GCSE and A level papers in UK are being sold, as well as other exams worldwide. Previous year question papers are to assess student’s brilliancy and capabilities.Students who are preparing for competition exams generally look for past papers. These question papers will help you to have an idea about the main exam.

To get the recent past papers, Click Here.

Practical Tests

Practical Test is a test that involves practical skills of a subject. Candidates have to show their knowledge and understanding, and demonstrate the practical skills relevant to the subject they have learnt. Not all subjects require candidate to do practical test, but some do such as English and ICT.