Trust-EdTen SAT Course
IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)


Found as a basis of Secondary 2 level for students age 14-16 years old in UK. IGCSE provides wide range of subjects for candidates who wish to build up their foundation towards their higher education such as A-levels and IB diploma. IGCSE is equivalent to Matthayom 3-4 in Thailand’s curriculum. A term time in IGCSE normally runs from around September to June in each academic year.

In Thailand there are two syllabus options available for candidates, CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and EDEXCEL. In some subjects, they are divided into two levels of study; core and extended for CIE and foundation and higher for EDEXCEL. The core/foundation is aimed at an intermediate level of knowledge while the extended/higher provides a more advanced and challenging route. Please note that students who wish to apply for examination will need to specify which level they intend to do in their application forms. In addition student who acquires a minimum grade C of at least 5 IGCSE subjects is eligible to apply for a certificate of Matthayom 6 equivalency issued by Thailand’s Ministry of Education, which can then be used for continuation in his/her study in Thailand’s universities.

IGCSE Subject List

Trust-EdTen offers IGCSE subjects mainly for CIE board. However, we also support other boards such EdExcel, AQA, OCR, as well. Candidates can see the list of subjects as shown below.

  • 0610 - Biology
  • 0450 - Business Studies
  • 0620 - Chemistry
  • 0420 - Computer Studies
  • 0500 / 0522 - English First Language
  • 0486 / 0476 - English Literature
  • 0510 / 0511 - English Second Language
  • 0680 - Environmental Management
  • 0460 - Geography
  • 0417 - Information and Communication
  • 0580 - Mathematics
  • 0606 - Mathematics (Additional)
  • 0625 - Physics
  • 0654 - Science Co-ordinated
  • 0518 - Thai
  • 0471 - Travel and Tourism


  • Depends on subject, board, and level taken.
  • Score ranges from G - C (Core).
  • Score ranges from G - A* (Extended).

Date and Location

Exam Period
May - Jun
Oct - Nov
Registration (Normal)
Early of December - January
Early of July - August
Registration (Late)
Early of February
Early of September
Exam Report
February (Next Year)
May (Next Year)

Candidates can take IGCSE test in Thailand at locations as shown below.

  • Harrow International School
  • British Council (Siam Square)


  • Cost for the course is available here.


*Information within this page is mainly for CIE board only.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Candidates MUST be on time for all examinations and required periods of supervision.

  2. Candidates MUST have your own exam accessories. e.g. pencils, pens, ruler

  3. Candidates MUST follow instruction of the invigilator.

  4. Candidates MAY use a calculator and MUST NOT use the calculator function from other devices.

  5. Candidates MUST NOT behave unfair or dishonest practice at any time.

  6. Candidates MUST NOT bring any unauthorized materials along to the exam day. Otherwise candidates will get penalty and disqualification to the test.

  7. Candidates MUST NOT communicate or interrupt other candidates during the examination.

  8. Candidates MUST NOT take any materials (question papers, answer papers/books, rough work, etc.) with them when leaving exam room.

For more information about rules and regulations, please click HERE